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About Janet Rose

Animal Communicator
Chakra & Energy Healer

"Through ballet, my intuition and creativity emerged..."

"My journey started when I was 3 yrs old and I discovered the world of dance..."I absolutely fell in love with the movement.Ballet was my foundation and the building blocks for my creativity, imagination, intuition, and the beginning of claircognizance and clairvoyance.I had no idea at such a young age, how dance involved your body, mind, and spirit.All that mattered to me was to express myself through the movement.Dancing made me feel free and allowed my soul to soar.It was a dream come true!I was devastated when, for reasons unknown, my parents would not let me continue taking dance lessons.Even then I knew that any time off would greatly compromise my technique.

"I learned early in life that the key to unlocking intuition
was to meet and release fear…"

I found the most amazing mentor…At a local community college, I was mentored by a talented dance instructor.I had set a goal to go to New York City to join a dance company.
When I shared this with my dance teacher she said...
"You'll never make it as a ballet dancer. You're too old and you would be wasting your time."Her words stung me so hard, that I never thought I would recover.My world completely shatteredEverything I worked so hard for suddenly meant nothing.My instructor’s harsh words kept playing in my head over and over again.I was distraught by what felt like a total betrayal.Despite everything she said I decided to go to New York City and follow my dreams.

I soon discovered how competitive the world of dance was...It didn't take long for me to realize that I was just a small fish in a really big pond.I was so devastated by the reality that my instructor was right all along.I was bound and determined to follow my passion so I joined a contemporary dance company.I promised myself to live my authentic self regardless of what was happening around me.Even though dance was my passion it didn't pay the bills. I searched for a job but kept my dance goals in sight.I was hired by a major airline as a flight attendant and my route was to Guadalajara, Mexico.I should have died that day…For reasons I'll never know, perhaps divine intervention, my supervisor switched my flight to a different destination at the last minute. I wasn't too happy about it because I enjoyed the crew that schedule.The next morning I was informed that the Guadalajara flight I should have been on went down and all were lost.I was beyond shock and disbelief as reality hit and I realized my life had been spared.But why?
Why me?
My mind was blurred with paralyzing images, confused thoughts, and disbelief.In a state of oblivion, unable to cope, I had to make a very big life-changing decision.What was I going to do with my life now that I was spared?

I had to figure out what to do and put the broken pieces of my life back together again.I booked the next flight to Hawaii...My brother lived on the islands and I thought the peace and tranquility of that tropical paradise would help me find clarity.I desperately needed to search my soul and figure out what I should do with my life. The fact that I should have died forced me to reevaluate everything in my life.It was during that trip to Hawaii that I started to have a spiritual awakening. Strangely accurate psychic visions started to come in through inner knowing and gut feelings.This had never happened before so looking back I believe it was the trauma of the plane crash that jolted my abilities to the surface.One significant message came through while my brother and I were on a beautiful hike. A vision came to my mind to
urgently call my mother.
When we finally got to a phone we found out she was rushed to the hospital and about to have emergency brain surgery.We left on the very next flight to be with her.Every vision I had was insanely accurate.I kept a journal of my visions and soon realized that I needed to honor my gifts. My inner voice, intuition, and psychic abilities were my true calling in life.Real growth is recognizing these moments and treating ourselves gently as the storms pass by.I started to follow what my heart was telling me…To receive more clarity, I had to raise my vibration. Oddly enough, ballet had taught me how to do this without realizing it!I was even more surprised when my strong connection to animals exploded suddenly with visions and insights from them.Applying the techniques I honed in dance and tapping into my psychic abilities I could easily understand the thoughts and feelings of the animals.My gifts allow me to communicate with animals including departed pets.Finally, my dance background and psychic abilities merged and everything made sense.

I was divinely guided to be a messenger on this side of the veil and the other...There was an actual moment when everything came into perfect clarity.I felt a powerful force, a Light Force, guiding me.I dove into the metaphysical realm and worked with the most amazing mentors. I devoted the last eight years conducting private sessions, perfecting my craft, and sharpening my skills.My life is so complete living in my purpose. Helping clients and their beloved pets has been such a joy and honor.I love delivering healing messages and orchestrating chakra and energy healing.I have devoted my life to sharing my gifts and to healing others.I am here to help you connect to your beloved animals here and in the afterlife.My mission is to relax your soul with messages from those you love...
We are all connected through love, deep understanding, and energy.
I invite you to review my testimonials and qualifications:

TestimonialsBook your session with Janet! You will be amazed just like I was!
Karen Anderson - Pet Loss Specialist & Best Selling Author
I highly trust in Janet’s intuitive abilities and highly recommend her if you are seeking an
authentic healer and animal communicator! Beautiful and highly accurate!
Jael C
We are forever grateful for Janet’s gift. The dog was found close by standing in the
water as described!
We at the rescue are forever grateful to Janet. Amazing!
Donna A. from GRRMF
Janet communicated with Chai and his messages were wonderful! The information I received has enhanced my connection and bond to Chai and brought us closer together.
Ann W.
I highly recommend Janet for her compassion and brilliant readings. I felt such peace and comfort from her readings. Janet is extremely gifted as an Animal Communicator.
Sarah D.
Knowing that the feelings of gratitude, love, connection and companionship transcend
physical life is a huge comfort and affirmation of the interconnection of all beings. Francesco knew and felt my love and Janet conveyed that so wonderfully in the reading.
Mary Beth D.
Janet is amazing!  She connected with Rosie and was able to communicate with her on
such a deep level.  Janet is truly gifted!
Julie B.
Janet is thoughtful, considerate and was very connected to my dog Einstein in the afterlife. I felt so comforted by her messages.  Her gentle manner and accuracy has
made me believe that anything is possible.
John R.
She was very thorough and understanding. I felt I received exactly what I needed in that
moment. So very grateful for her help during this difficult time.
Carrie M.
Janet was more than kind, compassionate and enlightening and most accurate on traits
of Jayde. It gives me peace that my feelings were validated thru Janet. The world needs more Janet’s!
Michelle B.
Every single thing you said was 100% spot on and it just completely took my breath away. The peace I am able to feel is just incredible! Thank you so so so much for how great you are, your gift is literally life-changing. Thank you again!!
Allie H.
Janet’s ability to connect with Nara had everything to do with her ability to transition from such an abusive, confusing life to one of consistency, trust, and comfort.
Thank you, Janet, for sharing your Amazing Gifts!
Suzanne S.
Janet masterfully combines her natural compassion, animal communication and psychic abilities to get to the core of what an animal is feeling. Your well being is always paramount with Janet. She shines through all she does!
Michelle Mayur
Janet is an amazing animal communicator! Her sessions blew me away and also brought me comfort knowing my sweet girl is always with me in spirit.
Carrie P.

Mentors and EducationMentor: Karen Anderson
Pet Loss Specialist and #1 Best Selling Author of The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures
Course Completed: Graduate of The Animal Communication Mastery Program
Mentor: Jennifer Farmer
Professional Intuitive and Spiritual Medium, Author of A Healing Journey
Course Completed: Psychic Development
Mentor: Lynn McKenzie
Animal Intuitive
Course Completed: Animal Energy ®️Certification Program - Certified Practitioner and Energy Healer
Mentor: Michelle Mayur
Master Energy Healer-Bestselling Author Embraced By The Divine
Course Completed: Radiance Circle and Student